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Andrew William Drum School was established when there was a need for a professional drum teacher to guide students in the right methodology of learning to master the modern drum set.

Students are not only taught how to play the drums but they are equipped with knowledge of proper techniques, drum happenings, who are the professional drummers and video watching of professional drummers and critically assessing it. They are also taught in later stages how to function in a band as a band member.

Students come from different background. Children, who love the instrument and want to play for a band or church and professional adults who wish to take it up as a hobby or a way to distress.

Drums is ranked as the no 2 brain instrument and brain surgeons have taken it up to help them strengthen tiny muscles in their fingers so as they will be strong and sturdy during surgery in their old age. Children who take up music lessons are better in studies compared to their peers. Drum practicing is equivalent to a full body workout for the brain.

Students will be taught various aspects of drumming styles from rock, disco, jazz, Latin and so forth. If a student wishes to specialize in a certain technique, say double bass rock drumming or jazz, this will be focused more in the later stages after they have mastered the basic beats such as funk rhythms, blues, triplets and so forth.

Drumming is good for children with learning challenges such as those with ADHD, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia and Autism. It helps them improve cognitive behavior, and helps them to calm down and focus on an interesting subject.

* Students can contact the school for a free no obligation assessment to gauge the class structure, students ability to understand notes and play to timing.

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Andrew William

Andrew has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Edith Cowan University of Perth Australia. He has been working in the advertising department in the Star Publication and also was given a regular column in the star on music and drumming. This gave him the opportunity to meet some of the top drummers in the world to interview of which he has obtained a wealth of information from them on teaching tips which he imparts to his students. He still interviews them today and contributes to The Star on a free lance writer basis.

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge of drumming not only in playing the instruments but the make, quality, servicing, tuning and ergonomically setting up the drums. He also advices them on the other tools for the drums. Andrew can advise the student on drum purchase according to their budget.

Andrew has been drumming since 1988 as a drummer in FGA Singapore and then in FGA Perth while he was studying there. On returning to Malaysia, he served as a drummer for FGA KL, Grace Assembly and SIB KL. Andrew currently attends Kingdom city church where he was heading the drum development section for a period of time. Andrew now serves as a free-lance pro bono drummer for SIB kl in promise land ministry and plays for his band called fellowship band who are invited to conduct worship sessions and workshops. They have also been invited to play for weddings and funerals.

Andrew has been teaching students with learning disabilities for 14 years of which he has a wealth of experience in training the students.

Andrew is a patient and caring teacher who brings out the best in each student.

Andrew went into full time drum teaching in 2014. In total he has been playing for 32 years and teaching for 24 years.

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