Why drumming

Why drumming

Why drumming

Firstly, you need to ask your child or yourself if that’s the instrument you want to learn and play someday. There is no such thing as girls instrument and guys instrument. Girls are not to be confined to violin and piano only and guys to guitar and drums. Some of the top drummers in the world are girls. Listen to Sheila E, terry Lyn Carrington, Hillary jones, Anika Niles to name a few. There is even a group page for girl drummers. They talk mostly about the colour of their drums, mojo etc. that’s fine, its part of the fun of learning.

When beginning a lesson, make sure you find a good teacher with many years of experience and great recommendation. Don’t choose a class out of convenience of travel distance or price. You will regret it later.

A good teacher should be able to teach you till grade 8. Some professional teachers have performance agendas and may miss several classes. I suggest you find a full time teacher who doesn’t have performance engagements. He may play on weekends in clubs, that’s fine but it should not interfere with his teaching schedule.

A drum teacher should have a wealth of knowledge and challenge you in many new techniques and songs.

You can start teaching students and earn a decent income once you are proficient. A good teacher will also guide you on teaching methods. He may even send some of the students for you if he is overwhelmed with the current number he is teaching. I do that. Some of my students take up teaching students that have only certain days they can attend classes and I am busy then.

Finally, put your skills to good use, either playing in church, band, clubs or teaching. Happy learning.

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