Purchasing a Drumset

Purchasing a Drumset

Buying a drumset can be mind boggling, cause there are so many kits around with so many makes and designs. Most people buy drumset because they like the colour. Wrong move. Choose the right drumkit model and then choose the range of colours they have. Lets first divide the the choice of buying a student model and then a professional kit.

Student model

Student model comes in a preset 5 piece kit. Id’ recommend you to buy the midrange which is made of poplar, birch or advanced which is maple. Don’t settle for entry level. You may save money but you will outgrow the sound and may want to buy a better model. And entry level does not fetch a good resale value.

A good student model will appreciate in value over time and you can sell it later to upgrade yourself to a professional kit when you have become an accomplished drummer. Then you will be able to appreciate different drum models and sound and you will know what to get.

Get a box set of a mid range cymbal set. Ride, crash, and a pair of hi hats. A drum throne and manuscript stand.

Now you have a full set to start your drumming.

Keep your drumkit in a room . get thick curtains to reduce the sound going out. Install a heavy door and air con the room.

A student model with cymbals , drum throne and manuscript stand should cost anywhere between RM 5000 to RM 6000.

A second hand drum set should be between rm2500 to 3000 for a good student model.

For further information on purchase , consultation and set up services. Please contact Andrew William drum school. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Professional kit

When you are an accomplished drummer, its time to get a professional kit. Professional kit has different wood makes. The popular ones are birch, for controlled sound, suitable for home and recording studio, maple for life setting.

Why is a birch and maple professional drumkit far more expensive than the student model birch and maple? For the price of a bass drum professional kit you can buy a full advanced student model maple and still have some change left.

Here is the explanation. The top quality of wood is cut from 3 feet from the root of the tree. As you go higher the quality of the wood drops. So the professional maple wood will be from the 3 feet range compared to the advanced student model somewhere, about 20- 30 feet up. You will also see the grain. A professional kit has straight unbroken lines while the advanced cheaper model will have opaque designs and broken flowery designs. Some people love the flowery designs but want to buy professional kit. So manufacturers, use the full good quality wood and wrap it with a thin, flowery design to suit the customer.

Now buying your kit, Id recommend a 7 piece kit. Professional kits don’t come in a set, you have to buy them individually. There are some suppliers who sell you the display professional kit, don’t get it. Choose your own kit fresh from the box.

I’d recommend a 7 piece kit. 8”, 10”, 12” 14” 16” toms. 14X 6” snare and a fusion 20 “ bass drum. Buy an isolated bass drum. No mounting on it. Get separate hardware to mount your toms. You can get a 14 and 16”tom suspended or with legs. I suggest you go for the one with the legs. The toms are deeper and gives a rich, mellow deep sound. You need to get a hi hat stand and pedal and drum throne. Please get the top of the line hardwares.

Crashes, ride and hats  can be bought individually. Again buy the professional range. You can buy a box set of professional cymbals and save some money. You can later add, splash, other crash, china, extended hi hat and so forth. If you love latin, get a cowbell.

A professional drumkit will range between RM20,000 to RM30,000 depending on what you get.

Again Andrew William drumschool will be able to help you in your purchase of a good professional kit.

Happy hunting!

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