Practice Routine

Practice can be made between 3 to 4 or 6 days a week.

Schedule half hour to one hour for basic and intermediate level and 2 hours a day for advanced level.

I prefer if you practice daily with one day rest in a week. Go and treat yourself to a gourmet burger or steak after every week of disciplined 6 days a week practice.

If you do it daily, it will become a habit after one month. So, the first month will be a grind, but discipline yourself. Put a clock with alarm and practice. If 2 hours practice and its too long ,split it to two one-hour practices.

The practice can consist of the following:-

Basic Rudiments

Singles, doubles, paradiddles, paradiddle diddle, flam, drag, ratamacue, pataflafla, etc.


Download notes from, its free. Most of the contemporary song notes are there. Choose the ones that are at your level. Practice until you can play along to the songs.

If you have difficulty, engage a teacher to help you. Andrews drum school can provide online half hour classes for you to master the notes.

If you take on a challenging song like opening solo to the song Money For Nothing by Dire Straits. Read slowly, do it slowly and practice daily until you can establish the required speed.


You can work on jazz, samba, Latin beats such as Mozambique, cha cha, guaguanco etc

You can take the challenge of sitting for a graded exam at your level eventually working up to diploma. Andrew William drum school can guide you on exam pieces up to diploma level.

Once you hit 10000 hours practice you are in good shape, if you put one hour a day, 7 days a week. You will reach 10000 hours in 30 years. You can shorten the time by doubling your practice time. Some of the top professional drummers who rank among the top 5 in their category have put in 25000 hours of practice.

Happy practicing.

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