Girl Drummers

Girl Drummers

Girl Drummers

Girl drummers have been discriminated over the years. Guys think women can’t play drums as well as them. Parents don’t prefer their daughters playing drums as they think its not a girls instrument. Even in the world level ,only a handful of professional drummers are women. Names such as Anika niles, terry lyn Carrington, hilary jones, shiela e and a few others.

Well I’m here to debunk the myth. Even world class guy professional drummers have agreed with this. Women drummers are good. Why is that so? Guy drummers are very technical which is good, but a girl drummer plays from the heart and enjoys herself thus communicating an amazing feel and rhythm.

A guy drummer who is technically good, should not display all his cards but use the appropriate tools to play with feel. A lot of guy professional drummers have moved toward this direction. They were very technical initially, but have now adopted a more feel based drumming. Some professional guy drummers are still too technical. Although their playing is impressive, you will get a headache after listening for a while.

Among my students, almost half of them are females and are doing well, they practice regularly and pick up lessons very fast.

I encourage my guy students to play with feel, although this may be challenging at first ,as they want to learn all the technical parts and play them, I shape them eventually to play from the heart.

So, if you are a girl drummer and feel you might be discriminated in taking up drums, don’t worry, join us, you will be among many female students who are doing just well.

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