Drumming anyone?

Drumming anyone

Drumming anyone?

When I first started teaching drums, it was to a 12-year-old girl, but over the years I have seen many ages come to pick up drumming from 4 years old to 75. Yes 75 years old! They were all walks of life, students, professionals such as doctors, lawyers and even a rocket scientist.

Children pick up notes and rhythm easier than adults, cause their brain is active and constantly learning. When college life is over and we work, we forget to train the brain so adults seem to struggle a little comprehending note, so I have to go a lot slower with them. But in time they are fine and do well in drumming.

Most people pick up drumming as a hobby, some to start a band and others to be a teacher. I always encourage my students at intermediate level to take on basic level students for teaching. This will help them improve sight reading and knowledge cause a teacher has to be all rounded knowing. If they hit a wall they can always get back to me.

A few of my students started teaching and they have earned worthwhile monthly pocket money, they don’t trouble their parents for pocket money. Thus, the parent’s investment has paid off.

When you pick up drumming, you will train your brain, I have said this before, drumming is the second highest brain instrument, it destresses you by 50 percent after each lesson and it’s a full body work out for the brain when you work on notes.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone to take up drumming if you have no interest, its better to choose an instrument you like. It may be a difficult instrument but you will have excelled if you have the passion.

I once met a world class oboist and music conductor, he said wind instruments are the hardest and oboe is the most difficult instrument to play. He chose it against his fathers will, but he’s glad he chose it.

So, if you are thinking of starting drums whatever your reason, please contact us, we will give you a free assessment and you can decide later if you want to pursue drumming.

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