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If you are keen in taking up drumming as a hobby, career, starting a band, whatever your choice maybe, you have come to the right place to get yourself equipped.

Finding the right teacher is the first step. Once you have done that, the rest is easy, you will learn the right techniques, at the right pace with a teacher who understands you and will guide you with patience.

A good teacher with many years of experience is hard to find. Well you have come to the right place, so read on and find out more about us and how Andrew William Drum School will meet your need.


Andrew William Drum School is among the top 10 drum schools in Malaysia

The classes are divided from grade 1 right up to grade 8 and those who want to pursue it as a career or master their drumming techniques can be prepared to do a diploma under a reputable institution of which they will receive a cert.

Students can also sit for professional exams under Rock school UK, ABSRM Australia or Trinity School of London from grades 1 to 8 and diploma.

The course structure will consist of students working through a book at each stage along with manuscript to write down new techniques. The lessons will be conducted using notes which will be a useful tool for them to buy their own books later to work out a challenge.

The class will consist of basic warm ups, rudiments, warm up to a song. Syllabus study, learning new techniques such as double strokes, double bass drum etc. Students will also work on contemporary songs using notes and the teacher will take them through the song, note by note and they are required to work on the song at home besides their drum exam books and syllabus.

Online classes using what’s app video are also conducted for students staying far away or overseas. Classes can also be conducted at students home if they have a drum set and basic sound system.

The Andrew William Drum School has professional drum set as well as a student model kit with well-equipped sound system and amplifiers and mics if students wish to play as a band.

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Andrew William Drum School was established when there was a need for a professional drum teacher to guide students in the right methodology of learning to master the modern drum set.

Students are not only taught how to play the drums but they are equipped with knowledge of proper techniques, drum happenings, who are the professional drummers and video watching of professional drummers and critically assessing it. They are also taught in later stages how to function in a band as a band member.

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